Easily Access High Resolution Satellite Imagery Directly into ArcGIS

Connect ArcGIS to OneAtlas with our Data Publishing Tool

Satellite Imagery & Data You Can Rely On

Airbus provides a range of best-in-class satellite imagery products ranging in resolution from 25cm to 22m, including 30cm Pléiades Neo data which will be available for purchase as soon as November!

With a subscription to the Living Library, users have access to 50cm and 1.5m satellite imagery from the Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 satellites over any location on the globe. Premium imagery is added every day with limited cloud cover and incidence angles however, access to our deeper archive is also available within the Living Library for more imagery options.

Users can currently access Living Library imagery via streaming, download, API, or through the OneAtlas Data Publisher Tool, making Airbus data integration into ArcGIS even easier!

Bridge the Gap Between Airbus Satellite Imagery and ArcGIS

We have created a new geoprocessing tool that creates a bridge between the Living Library and ArcGIS using the APIs from Airbus and Esri. Users can access the tool through ArcGIS Pro and also publish hosted imagery layers into your ArcGIS online organization. 



How Does It Work?

Watch the quick demo showing how to use Python Notebooks to link your Living Library subscription to ArcGIS.

Let's Get Started

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