Join us at the 2023 GEOINT Symposium

Accurate Imagery & Data to Support Current and Emerging Technologies

Accuracy is crucial when working with satellite imagery and geospatial datasets because it directly impacts the reliability of the data. Airbus has a robust constellation of optical and radar satellites that provides the most accurate space-borne data in the market. Derived from these sensors and decades of historical data and expertise, are a range of geospatial services that provide unprecedented accuracy.

Join us at booth #907  for demos, to speak to imagery and elevation experts and to learn more about our data. We'll be showing the latest developments on:

  • Pléiades Neo 30cm native resolution imagery with a native geolocation accuracy of 3.5m.
  • 15cm Advanced products, derived from Pléiades Neo
  • Pléiades 50cm and SPOT 1.5m resolution imagery
  • Radar Constellation - up to 25cm resolution
  • Elevation - our new 0.5m elevation model, along with WorldDEM Neo
  • Tasking our satellites in OneAtlas
  • Take a look at the depth of our archive in the Content Preview Tool
The buzz at GEOINT: The Metaverse requires very high resolution, spatially accurate, and timely geospatial data

There is a lot of buzz about the Metaverse and how geospatial data plays a role. The Airbus constellation of optical and radar satellites, with the best combination of resolution, accuracy and acquisition capabilities allows Airbus to be well positioned to meet the needs of the metaverse today. 

Read more about our thoughts on the metaverse and how accuracy and timely data is key for the immersive world.


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